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IoT Valley is neither an accelerator nor an incubator, but rather the best ecosystem by which to support innovative and ambitious companies in their innovation and digital transformation projects.

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Every problem has its startup…

At IoT Valley, we are convinced that for every business-related problem encountered, there exists a startup solution. For 5 years we have been committed to the digital transformation of our medium-sized companies and key account partners. To this end, we utilise tried and tested methods, from the identification of issues on the ground, to the deployment of innovation projects with startups.

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From a problem to his solution in less than one year

Having identified the startup solutions in Europe that are best equipped to address the issues you are facing, our innovation project managers assist our partners throughout the experimentation phase (PoC) and deployment, with a view to maximising the likelihood of a successful project.

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Once upon a time there was a startup

Every identified problem that remains unresolved, yet represents a potential market for our partners, gives rise to the creation of a startup. This is actually the mission of our Startup Studio: to discover entrepreneurs and set them off on their journey as quickly as possible.

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