What's the IoT Valley?



Created in 2009 by four Toulouse entrepreneurs, the IoT Valley association has, since March 2015, developed an ecosystem dedicated to the Internet of Things. It now brings together 37 startups and 18 partners over 13,000 m2.

The IoT Valley ecosystem is the answer to 3 major problems that hinder the development of IoT:

- The difficulty to launch, develop and finance an IoT project

- The lack of IoT BtoB startups, because entrepreneurs don't know the issues of SMEs and big companies

- The lack of understanding between SMEs / big companies and startups who have trouble working together (temporality, process, decision-making structure, etc.)

The ambition of the IoT Valley is to develop the best ecosystem in the world in the Internet of Things. To support its growth, IoT Valley is launching a real estate project whose phase 1 is the construction of a 20,000 M2 building for Q1 2020.



231 Rue Pierre et Marie Curie
31670 LABÈGE (Toulouse)


+33 (0)5 82 08 07 87

Whether you are a startup, a large account, an SME:
the IoT Valley is necessarily the place to help you accelerate in a healthy and determined way. Below, this is how!
— Bertran Ruiz, CEO, IoT Valley.

Acculturate and train
your management team for innovation and the IoT


Accelerate your project thanks to a great number of resources 


Step up and secure
your project management with new partners


Build your project and meet qualified people andin an innovative environment


Meet the IoT Valley’s startups creators and experts
at regular et qualified events


Discover the startups of the IoT Valley