The IoT Valley organize multiple events


You have skills that you want to share with the IoT Valley ecosystem ? Propose us a subject that you love, and we will get in touch with you within two days !


Every two weeks, in IOT Valley, you can come to IoT Valley Meetups. An expert will talk about a technical theme, or IoT business. 

Agenda : 
- 40 minutes présentation
- 15 minutes of questions and answers
- 40 minutes networking over a good lunch

Cost : 8€50. 



Two times a year in Paris, the IoT Valley and his partners organize a 30 people limited day : The AMBROSIA seminar. In an exchange and friendly based environment, the main goal is to offer you the keys to the understanding of this new strategical way in your development.



The Innovation Days is the annual event of the IoT Valley.
Some numbers : 15 partners key accounts, 500 participants, 50 startups.