IoT Valley IMMO, expanding and positioning itself


Mandated by the prefecture and the region Languedoc Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées, Ludovic Le Moan traces the lines of IoT Valley large scale project and international reference on an area of hectares.

Start-ups, key accounts will coexist and innovate all together (some are already installed such as SNCF) alongside laboratory, showroom, specialized schools and even... a swimming pool.

Projet immobilier Iot Valley

Ambition of IoT Valley


Nathalie Fabre - VP real estate

Driven by the strong growth of IoT members companies and the desire to create an ecosystem, the IoT Valley is taking it to next step.
She pushes the walls of its historic premises 425 rue Jean Rostand in Labège and invests an equivalent new building in April 2016. The IoT Valley took up residence at 231 rue Pierre et Marie Curie near the head office. This expansion sketch the outlines of the future Valley in the Sicoval territory, historical partner of the IoT Valley.