#Meetup : "Customers are 'gold mines' !"


#Meetup : "Customers are 'gold mines' !"


21 juillet 2017 - 12h - 425 rue Jean Rostand à Labège - 4ème étage

"Customers are 'gold mines' !"

In today’s competitive environment, it would seem like a no-brainer that companies do not focus on customer happiness. Not only sales people have to deal with customers : all your team must be engaged in customers relationship to enhance your business.

Why making your customers happy must be the motto number one for your firm or your startup ? Do you wonder how to make your company more Customer centric ?

Answers will be unveiled in this can't-miss event will be held by Yves MorelMentor at @Le Connected Camp

He will be glad to share with you the best practices and the best advices to improve customers relationships and make your business growing faster. During this live session we'll discuss the following topics :

- Get to know your customers
- Selling is networking
- Get to know your target market
- A long term Investment... 
- Develop your people skills

La présentation durera 30 à 40 minutes et sera suivie d'un cocktail déjeunatoire avec l'intervenant. 

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